Florian Voss is an acclaimed international tenor who continues to impress audiences worldwide with his beautiful belcanto voice. Albeit his young age, Florian Voss has had various title roles in opera houses, concert halls and arenas across the globe.

Florian is engaged as a tenor with the Royal Swedish Opera however joined The TEN Tenors for his first tour with them in Nov 2016 on the “Home for the Holidays” USA tour.

Florian’s passion for music goes beyond the frontiers of the opera and he has successfully ventured into the world of teaching and inspiring others.

At his vocal academy, Florian Voss Voice, Body & Soul, he develops other young talented and aspirational singers with a unique teaching method. As indicated by the name, the method is based on achieving a balance between the mind and the body, in order to develop the full potential of the voice.

In addition to his own classes and workshops, Florian has introduced a partnership with The Broadway Dreams Foundation: A non-profit organization, based in New York, which helps young gifted students to develop their music careers.