We’re sharing the love this Valentines day by running an EXCLUSIVE competition for ticket holders to our upcoming USA, Europe, New Zealand and Australian “Wish You Were Here” tours!

Visit our facebook page for more information and to enter!


  1. This competition is being run by Frog in A Sock Pty Ltd (“Promotor”).
  2. The competition is being held in four jurisdictions (Australia, New Zealand, Europe and the United States)(“the Jurisdictions”).
  3. There will be four prize winners of the competition, one picked from each of the Jurisdictions.
  4. All Entrants must be eighteen years or over.
  5. The competition is only eligible to Entrants who, at the time of entering the competition, have already purchased a valid ticket to one of the venue performances of The TEN Tenor Wish You Were Here tour for each of the Jurisdictions between the following dates :
    -Entrants in United States : performances in United States from 20th February 2018 to 24th March 2018
    -Entrants in Europe: performances in either Germany or Switzerland from 5th April 2018 to 13th April 2018.
    -Entrants in New Zealand : performances in New Zealand from 12th May 2018 to 9 June 2018;
    -Entrants in Australia: performances in Australia from 12th June 2018 to 16th June 2018. (“Valid Ticket Holder”)
  6. The competition opens at 11.00am 2nd February 2018 (Qld, Australia time), and ends at the following time for each Jurisdiction:
    -United States: Midnight on 18th February 2018 (Texas Time zone);
    -Europe: Midnight on 3rd April 2018 (Germany time zone);
    -New Zealand: Midnight on 10th May 2018 (New Zealand time zone);
    -Australia: Midnight on 10th June 2018 (Australian time zone)
  1. The prize pack is a selection of merchandise items, at the Promotor’s absolute discretion, and a personal meet and greet for the competition winner (and one guest) with the performance group on the night of the performance of which the Entrant is a Valid Ticket Holder (Prize Pack).
  2. Each of the winning Entrants are only eligible to collect their Prize Pack upon demonstrating to the Promotor’s satisfaction, at the Promotor’s absolute discretion, that the Entrant is a Valid Ticket Holder at the time of collecting the prize.
  3. The winners in each Jurisdiction will be announced within 48 hours after the end time of the competition in each of the Jurisdictions. The winners will be notified by a private message to their facebook page and an announcement on the Ten Tenor facebook page, if the Promotor elects to.
  4. Entries can only be submitted in the following manner on The TEN Tenors facebook page:
    -By listing the name and date of the venue to which the Entrant is a Valid Ticket Holder and tagging the person that the Entrant nominates as his or her Valentine in the comments section of the competition post; and
    -By sending a private message to The Ten Tenors describing why their nominated valentine deserves the Prize Pack in 100 words or less.
  5. Each Entrant is only eligible to enter the competition once.
  6. The winner entries will be determined by a Promotor’s Representative’s absolute discretion, by :
    -Being satisfied that the Entrant has provided proof that he or she is eligible to enter the condition, including proof of being a Valid Ticket Holder;
    -The Promotors Representative, in his or her absolute discretion, determining which Entrant has best answered the question posed by the Promotor in the competition.
  7. All Entrants are responsible for all and any expenses incurred in entering the competition, and will not be reimbursed regardless of whether or not the Entrant wins the competition.
  8. The Entrant warrant that he or she is the holder of all necessary rights to any intellectual property and/or personal information provided to the Promotor, and consents to any act or omission which would otherwise constitute an infringement of the Entrant’s intellectual property or privacy, including providing an express licence to the Promotor to the use of any of the Entrant’s intellectual property or any other submitted material for promotional or advertising purposes.
  9. The Promotor reserves the right, in the Promotor’s absolute discretion, to disqualify any Entrant where the Promotor suspects any unlawful or improper conduct on the part of the Entrant.
  10. The Promotor reserves the right, in the Promotor’s absolute discretion to cancel or bring an end to the competition at any time prior to the end time of the Competition. In the event that the Promotor is unable to deliver on the ‘meet and greet’ aspect of the Prize Pack (including, but not limited to, the venue date being cancelled or force majeure resulting in the performance not taking place or any other event which, in the Promotor’s absolute discretion, indicates that a Meet & Greet is not appropriate or possible in the circumstances), the Promotor reserves the right, in the Promotor’s absolute discretion to postpone the delivery of the Meet & Greet until the next time the TEN Tenors hold a performance at that venue, or the Promotor may elect to replace the Meet & Greet aspect of the Prize Pack with merchandise items instead).
  11. By entering this competition, the Entrant warrants that he or she has met the entry requirements and accepts these terms and conditions.

Good Luck!