Love Is in the Air

Released on April 19th, 2019

Love Is In the Air - The Ten Tenors album packshot

A Thousand Years (English)
God Only Knows (English)
Non basta mai [“Never Enough” from The Greatest Showman] (Italian)
Perfect (English/Italian)
Shallow [from A Star Is Born] (English)
Love Is in the Air (English)
Il Libro Dell’Amore [The Book of Love] (Italian)
All of Me (English)
Like I’m Gonna Lose You (English)
Fall on Me (English/Italian)
Make You Feel My Love (Spanish)
Szenza Catene [Unchained Melody] (Italian/English)

A musical love letter to all of our wonderful fans

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Love Is in the Air is an album of love songs that captures the intense romance of that moment at a wedding when the newly married couple come together for their first dance, and their shared hopes and dreams become reality as they begin their lives together.

The album was inspired by a conversation between D-J Wendt (producer/manager) and long-time member of The TEN Tenors Paul Gelsumini about Paul’s upcoming wedding. Paul was planning to use “Perfect” for the first dance with his new wife Jessica, and serenading her with help from his fellow Tenors, because he knew it would be one of the most memorable moments in their life as a couple. The next day D-J Wendt phoned Steven Baker (record producer/musical director) with the notion of an album celebrating wedding first dance songs.

We hope Love Is in the Air brings joy, presents an opportunity to reminisce and reflect, or to dream of what lies ahead.