Wish You Were Here

Released on April 7th, 2017

In the blazing heat of the Australian summer, 2016, The Ten Tenors were in rehearsal in Melbourne. They were doing their very first run through of David Bowie’s iconic song, Heroes when the Twitter feed came through announcing David had just passed away.

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No words can explain how devastating that was for the group and how profoundly it affected the way they felt singing that song. Rehearsal was called off for the day. No one in that room will ever forget the deep sadness they felt over the loss of such a true and fearless musical genius.

Just a few months later, while touring, the tragic news that Prince had also passed away came through. So much loss in such a short time. Who could have imagined for a second that even more great artists were still to be taken from us in 2016.

Although this album doesn’t honour all the fallen artists in history, it is our intention to salute each through those we pay tribute to here. In the way that Roger Waters and Dave Gilbert penned the title track for their friend Syd Barrett that they missed so deeply when he left their band. This isn’t intended to be sombre, rather a celebration of the happiness these people brought to the world.

Put simply, to all the lost artists, we wish you were here.